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Singletails in the Scene

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ROGER STEVENS has been in the Chicago S&M scene for over 20 years and is considered one of the top singletail whip handlers in the country.  His amazing expertise with the whip has brought pleasure and pain to bottoms across the country. 

In 2008, he received the Black Rose Vaughan Keith National Educator Award for "providing exemplary educational service to the BDSM community". 

With his unique style of whip throwing, he has helped educate both novice and experienced whip handlers.  Using his whip, he can administer a wide range of sensations ranging from a feather light caress to a cutting strike of fire, all with pinpoint accuracy.   

The singletail whip is the icon of S&M.  With Roger Stevens as your teacher and guide, you’ll learn what to look for when buying a whip, how to practice, how to use basic to advanced throws, and how to use whips in a BDSM scene.  Whether you’re a novice or experienced whip handler, this highly informative tape is for you. 

In this comprehensive 111-minute video you will:


    Learn what to look for in a whip!


    Learn basic and advanced throws, and everything in between!


    Learn how to practice to get the most out of your whip throwing.


    Learn how to use the singletail whip in a BDSM scene, using a variety of techniques ranging from very light to severe!


    In addition, this video contains FOUR actual scenes, beginning with light and sensual and progressing to heavy and intense!


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