Singletails in the Scene


You now have two ways to order.  Use our easy PayPal Order button below or order directly from Roger


All for just

VHS Format: $35.00

DVD Format: $35.00

PAL Format: $45.00

plus $5.95 shipping & handling

plus $5.95 shipping & handling

plus $5.95 shipping & handling
(U.S. Residents)   (International residents)

Pay Using PayPal

Pay Using PayPal

Pay Using PayPal

Direct orders are being handled by Roger Stevens. Please send your order to:

Roger Stevens
15 N. Atlantic Avenue #305
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


Make sure direct orders include the following:

  • Video format: VHS or PAL or DVD  ( DVD in PAL format  available shortly)

  • Shipping name and address

  • Your e-mail address (if you need to be contacted)

  • Make payment to Roger Stevens

  • Payment can be a Money Order or Check.  Personal checks will delay shipment until the check has cleared

  • Include the cost of the video, shipping & handling

  • Include any special shipping directions or considerations


To email Roger for additional information or with questions,

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